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Wilderness EMT Upgrade (WEMT) – Hybrid Part 2 – Rotary Park in Durango, CO – 05/10/2021

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Wilderness EMT Upgrade (WEMT) – Hybrid Part 2
Rotary Park in Durango, CO • May 10, 2021


$500 due upon registration
Course starts May 10, 2021

Sorry, this course is no longer available for registration. Please visit the course schedule to view available courses.

Full Dates: May 10, 2021 – May 14, 2021
Duration: 5 days
Price: $500

This is the Part 2 of a two part course. Before registering for this course, students must complete Part 1 of WMTC’s WFR curriculum. Click here to access information about WMTC’s hybrid course model and how to begin working on the WFR curriculum.

Due to COVID-19, many precautions will be employed to reduce risk of transmitting the disease during this course. Please reference WMTC’s COVID guidelines found here.

Please reach out to Southwest Rescue to learn more about this course.

Course Description

WMTC’s Wilderness EMT Upgrade hybrid course is for experienced medical practitioners who are acting as an expedition medic or trip leader.  Participants must hold a current NREMT certification or state EMT license at any level.  The WEMT Upgrade course focuses on assessment and treatment fo traumatic, environmental, and medical emergencies in a wilderness environment.  While the focus remains on expedition medicine, the skills taught during our WEMT upgrade course may be applied directly to situations where prolonged EMS transport is expected (e.g. disaster relief, SAR, rural EMS, etc.).

This course is only offered as a hybrid course, which consists of two Parts. One must complete the Part 1 Independent Study portion before attending the Part 2 Practical Session with Southwest Rescue, and both must be completed within a year to receive certification. Part 1 of the WMTC’s hybrid WEMT Upgrade will require an estimated 40+ hours of independent studying and testing, and registration is completely facilitated through WMTC. Click here to enroll in WMTC’s Hybrid WEMT Upgrade Part 1. If you are wondering if a hybrid course is for you, check out this WMTC blog post.  Also, check out WMTC’s hybrid Wilderness EMT Upgrade course website to see if this course is for you before registering.

Southwest Rescue sponsors and teaches Part 2 of WMTC’s hybrid WEMT Upgrade. Part 2 of WMTC’s hybrid WEMT Upgrade is 5-days long, and requires that Part 1 is completed. Registration with Southwest Rescue for WMTC’s hybrid WEMT Upgrade is only for Part 2During the practical session, labs teach field assessment and treatment skills while lectures are brief and focused on answering questions raised during simulations and case study reviews.

WMTC Adult & Child WCPR/AED certification is included in this course.

WMTC is not registered with any CEU organization for EMT’s, nurses, PA’s, or physicians.  If an EMT is affiliated with a licensed service, the training officer or education department supervisor can grant CEU’s.  NREMT typically grants (but is not obligated to) CEU’s to EMT’s who have taken a WEMT course based on clock hours.  Nurses, PA’s, and physicians can apply for CEU’s through their hospital’s education department.  Those not affiliated with a hospital may be eligible for CEU’s and should contact their state licensing department for guidance.

Course Downloads

Location and Logistics

Rotary Park
1555 E 2nd Ave
Durango, CO 81301
United States

This park has lots of open space and quick access to the Animas River. An open walled gazebo provides shelter from rain and snow, but people should be prepared for all weather conditions.

Lead Instructor

Aaron Ball

Aaron Ball is Southwest Rescue’s owner and lead instructor. He has worked in the outdoor industry for over 20 years as a guide, instructor, trainer, and supervisor.  Aaron is a Rescue 3 International instructor trainer, a Wilderness Medicine Training Center senior instructor, and an American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education professional and recreational avalanche instructor, course leader, and instructor trainer. Additionally, Aaron is a faculty member in Fort Lewis College’s Adventure Education Department and a guide for San Juan Mountain Guides.

Aaron sits on several committees and boards including the Open Sky Wilderness’s risk management committee and the board of directors for the Friends of the San Juans.  He has given numerous talks at national and regional conferences including the Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC), the Association for Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) annual conference, and Association for Experiential Education (AEE) regional conferences.  Aaron has a Master’s Degree in adventure education with a specific emphasis on risk management.