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Wilderness First Responder – Hybrid Part 2 – Vedauwoo Recreation Area – 06/08/2021

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Wilderness First Responder – Hybrid Part 2
Vedauwoo Recreation Area • June 8, 2021


$450 due upon registration
Course starts Jun 8, 2021

Sorry, this course is no longer available for registration. Please visit the course schedule to view available courses.

Full Dates: June 8, 2021 – June 12, 2021
Duration: 5 days
Price: $450

This course is being sponsored by Solid Rock Outdoor Ministry (SROM).

Course Description

Like WMTC’s standard 9-day Wilderness First Responder (WFR), the hybrid WFR course has been designed specifically to meet the needs of outdoor professionals, those who embark on multi-day personal trips, those who take part in high risk activities (rock climbing, whitewater paddling, mountaineering, multi-week expeditions of all kinds, etc.), or those who simply want to know more about wilderness medicine. Certification as a WFR is the industry standard for outdoor instructors and guides. We recommend taking the full WFR every six years.

The course includes WMTC Adult and Child CPR/AED certification.

WMTC’s hybrid WFR course is divided into two distinct parts. One must complete the Part 1 Independent Study portion before attending the Part 2 Practical Session with Southwest Rescue, and both must be completed within a year to receive certification. Part 1 of the WMTC’s hybrid WFR will require an estimated 40+ hours of independent studying and testing, and registration is completely facilitated through WMTC. Click here to enroll in WMTC’s Hybrid WFR Part 1. If you are wondering if a hybrid course is for you, check out this WMTC blog post.  Also, check out WMTC’s hybrid Wilderness First Responder website to see if this course is for you before registering.

Southwest Rescue sponsors and teaches Part 2 of WMTC’s hybrid WFR. Part 2 of WMTC’s hybrid WFR is 5-days long, and requires that Part 1 is completed. Registration with Southwest Rescue for WMTC’s hybrid WFR is only for Part 2.


Course Downloads

Location and Logistics

Vedauwoo Campground
Forest Rd 720
Buford, WY 82052
United States

Vedauwoo Recreation Area is located in Medicine Bow National Forest and is about a 25 minute drive east from Laramie, WY on I-80. Exit I-8 at the Vedauwoo exit, then take Vedauwoo Rd east (north of I-80) about a mile to the entrance to the Vedauwoo Recreation Area. This is a fee area; cost is $5 per day. A National Parks Pass or local Medicine Bow pass are accepted.

Lead Instructor