Wilderness Medicine

Unparalleled wilderness medicine training in the Four Corners region.


Swiftwater Rescue

Swiftwater Rescue designed for the rescue professional, outdoor professional, and recreational boater.


Avalanche Education

Providing the skills and confidence to navigate avalanche emergencies in remote locations.


Southwest Rescue offers the highest quality remote rescue education and training in the industry. Based in Durango, CO, and the Four Corners Region, we offer certifications in Swiftwater RescueWilderness Medicine, Rope Rescue, and Avalanche Education. Please check us out our Courses Page to get a glimpse of the types of courses we provide!

Our goal at Southwest Rescue is to be the best provider of rescue education for individuals and organizations seeking practical and effective solutions to the most common wilderness emergency situations. Through exceptionally engaging and stimulating instruction, we aim to provide every student with an unparalleled educational experience, preparing them for true emergencies in the field. Southwest Rescue works in conjunction with the organizations providing the best product in the rescue education industry. Certifications or completion cards are offered through Rescue 3 Internationalthe Wilderness Medicine Training Center (WMTC)and the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE).

Southwest Rescue will provide a course that meets your needs. We work with many different individuals, agencies, and organizations including Outdoor Professionals, Fire Departments, Fish and Game employees, Search and Rescue teams, Sheriff Departments, Colleges, Outward Bound, Private Individuals, and many others who work and play in the wilderness. Southwest Rescue is based out of Durango, Colorado, but offers courses nationwide.

Please feel free to contact us! We look forward to working with you!

I have had my WFR for almost 10 years and Aaron is definitely the best instructor I have come across yet. He was constantly engaging us and keeping our attention. He covered each individual learning style with every topic covered - It seemed as he had fifteen different excellent ways of explaining everything. Aaron had complete command of the material.

Joshua CoffinMountain Biking and Backcountry Ski Guide and Avalanche Instructor

The Swiftwater Rescue course was always fun and professional. Nice work relating subject matter to personal experience. Related topics to SAR, River Professionals, Fire Fighters, etc without adding extra time to the lessons. During the foot entrapment drills, Aaron's tenacity kept all students on their toes. Full on!

Steve SommerInstructor, Outward Bound, Southwest Program

Aaron has a reputation of being an excellent WFR teacher and I was not disappointed. Aaron has the program down to a tee. The flow was amazing. He broke down the three days into very nice compartments that helped me organize my thoughts.

Levi BurfordInstructor, Outward Bound, Colorado Program

Aaron is one of the best teachers I've had in my life. He was awesome because he made everything fun, funny, and interesting. He stimulated my thinking, which is something I haven't felt academically in a while.

Elli TaylorCollege Student, Adventure Education Major

Having been an educator for over twenty years, I can appreciate the subtleties of the art of good instruction.

Jack HuntPresident, Rio Grand County Search and Rescue Team

Aaron is an engaging, effective instructor who skillfully uses his experience, knowledge, and ability to interact with people to pass on WFR course material. He made the course and time meaningfully educational, extremely excellent use of time! Aaron's humble and simultaneous badass character gives him considerable credibility and effectiveness.

Kevin WrightPresident, Alamosa Valley Search and Rescue Team

Aaron showed great skill and confidence in teaching my Swiftwater Rescue Technician course. His enthusiasm and passion for swiftwater rescue made me excited to go past my fears and do it! Aaron was very professional and respectful of each of us in a caring manner. I feel confident I can take these skills back to my county SAR team and apply them with positive results. This was a most excellent class.

Joanne BlackPresident, Mesa County Search and Rescue Ground Team

Aaron is awesome because he has consistent high energy and very engaging lectures. He has a wonderful sense of humor, which enabled him to quickly build relationships. Aaron knows his stuff and is able to break down complex systems and info into understandable/layman's terms. Aaron is understanding but doesn't give to much slack. I appreciate being held to high standards.

Kelly BelczykLogistics Manager, Outward Bound, Oregon Program

Aaron Rocks! Aaron knows his stuff and is passionate about teaching it to others. He is confident and competent without seeming arrogant. It is easy to learn from him and catch his enthusiasm for river rescue skills. He presented the information clearly and always brought in real life applications. He also tailored the course to the students and spent more time on more difficult aspects (customization).

Brian RuddUtah River Guide